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Trial Bike Ultra is one of the many great free games available
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16 November 2009

Editor's review

If you are a motorcycle fan and are ready to face challenges and obstacles then Trial Bike Ultra is the game for you.
Get ready to take up this challenging game full of obstacles. In this game you will take control of the elite motorcycle. The track route is full of complex obstacles and hindrances. These obstacles can reduce your speed and cause the motorcycle to skid or crash. It is your motorcycle steering skills that will let you cross the obstacles and keep your balance while cycling. Reaching the next level is possible only when you go through a whole of motor track. Scoring pattern depends on an increase as you pass a level, and decrease with every second elapsed. Outstanding graphics, ear soothing music and sound effects, game modes in full screen and window, keyboard and mouse controls, user-friendly interface, install and un-install support, life time technical support are the other features of the game.
Amazing 3D effects and realistic motion makes the game even more interesting.

Publisher's description

For those who enjoy motorcycles and also want to be able to download free games on the Internet, then Trial Bike Ultra offers a great opportunity. It is just an example of one of the many great free downloadable games that you can get off the website. To find out more about the game and to play it for free, take a look at You can test out some of your steering skills on the motorbike, immerse yourself in realistic scenery and fully three dimensional graphical effects which do not require an enormously powerful computer to run. With complex and realistic mechanics, you can enjoy this simulator and really get to see what biking is all about. You can get a score for passing certain levels, and you can really feel the spirit of the competition as the scores diminish as every second passes. You can also compare your scores to other players, and hopefully, if you are good enough at the game, you will be able to make it into the top 10 and show your score with thousands of other players all across the world. If you are up for the challenge and want to download free games, then check it out and play for free.
Trial Bike Ultra
Trial Bike Ultra
Version 2.2.1
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